Picture 6

MARIO AZURZA Photo: Pacotwo/WE

Mazza Aza is a Basque man from Zarautz. So many Z's! He's sponnied by San Miguel beer, which is pretty rad. Maz wanted to be stuck on a desert island knocking one out relentlessly under a palm tree to great porn, but when he'd finished, he thought he might like to listen to:

"Frank Sinatra: for when the moon is full and I get a little fruity..."

"Daddy Yankee: a little reggaeton is always fun to listen to. Plus you never know some hot babe will show up out of nowhere and we can get down on the dancefloor."

"Michael Jackson: to dance to when I’m on my own... I’m mad for MJ, every time I listen to one of his songs I start to dance..."

Maz got his very own website, check it here