On the Cover: Nic von Rupp, Java by Alex Laurel

The first Surf Europe issue of 2013 hits the shelves later this week! If you are thinking about dipping a toe in foreign drink somewhere in the world, why not have a peep inside first? Destinations featured include the very fine and righteous surfing grounds of France, Spain, Portugal, England, Canary Isles, Morocco, Maldives, Bali, Java, Brazil, Central America and the Caribbean. How, when, why, what board, who with, what for who to try and mate with... all these pertinent questions answered! There's also advise on how to travel solo, get along as an unlocal, figure out a new break, even tubular troubleshooting. AND we launch the SE Reader Photog competition where one lucky reader will snag £2500 of surf gear! Yup, two-and-a-half grizzle! Who doesn't love that?

p.s. It's got a new bigger badder logo too, dig?