Not content with giving the gift of performance surfing to the world, big Jordy Smith has opened up a 3 venue bar-club complex in Cape Town to also bestow the gift of booze.

But did he do it on the down low? Keep his involvement kinda hush hush until he retires, maybe? Hell no!

"Errr, we kinda didn't take too much inspiration from anywhere" explains Jords, before going on to explain Harringtons (presumably named in homage to the Mad Huey kingpins) has a "New York cocktail bar vibe."

If ever there were a tricky sentence for a South African to grapple with, that must be it.

With a whole lotta vowel, it's the she sells sea shells, the Peter Picked a prickly pear, etc for Boers.

In a nutshell, the nightclub is ideal if you want resident DJ's and bottle service, Harringtons is great if you're wearing a suit and Surfer Rosa ('one of Jordy's favourites') is perfect if you happen to hate DJ's, suits, etc.

With Jordy joining the liquor licensee trade, and a whole host of top pro surfers owning their own craft breweries, we can't help but wonder if booze isn't fast becoming the traction pad company for A-listers.