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The Rip Curl La Nord Challenge went down this weekend in Hossegor, and it was canny solid. Following a run of really solid, delightfully crisp swell in SW France, organisers decided to pull the trigger before a big ol' Atlantic frontal system came and fucked everything in the ass. Good call!


1. Vincent Duvignac

2. Nelson Cloarec

3. Floris Figues (Floris Figs!)

Biggest Wave: Duvignac

Best Wipe-out: Marc Mares

Saffa charger Craig Butcher dedicates a throaty left to the recently departed Madiba. Photo: Jeff Ruiz

Cedric Giscos dips his wick. Photo: Grandy

Eric Rebiere showed up and blowed up and below sea-level dredgers. Photo: Grandy

Winner Vincent Duvignac backs up his Nixon Challenge win in 2013 with the Le Nord Challenge. For fuck's sake, will someone sponsor the bastard! Photo: Ruiz

Duvi debriefs with the Liets bros. Photo: Ruiz