The most famous bottom-turn in history. Photo: Josh Pomer

Conner Coffin won the pro division of the 2015 Rincon Classic last weekend, but could only manage 2nd place in his Round 1 heat, missing out on the top spot to a 50-year old Tom Curren. It was a 4-man heat and so both Curren and Coffin advanced to the next round, with Coffin going on to win the event.


Curren is the best ever out at Rincon, his flow and style rightly the stuff of legend; Coffin, also from Santa Barbara, boasts one of the strongest rail-games out of the latest generation of promising young surfers. By all accounts the heat was the highlight of the weekend, and Curren's heat total of 18.47 would ultimately prove the highest of the whole contest. In typical Curren fashion, he was riding a five foot sawn-off: one of his son's boards which used to measure 5'8, but to which he had made a few choice improvements, dispensing with its nose and re-glassing it himself. You can watch footage of the heat below; it's accompanied by the most painful, least appropriate music imaginable, so we have provided an alternative soundtrack further down the page, which you may find more to your liking.

Connor Coffin, who went on to win the event