Photographer Zak Noyle, who takes his iPhone with him in the water at at Pipe, so he can share his photos with the world instantaneously; Volcom surf team manager Matt Bemrose, who looks like a pretty solid bloke to have in your corner; and Carlos Muñoz, who may just be our new favourite surfer (we refer you to his latest edit, filmed in Costa Rica).

Thus spake the Red Bullingdon Club:

"When any sporting event goes down, the focus is always on the athletes. In the case of Volcom Pipe Pro, the world's top surfers got all of the attention, but it was the work of hundreds of staff -- ranging from safety crews to team managers to the water photographers capturing those epic Pipe moments.

In Three Perspectives, we take a closer look at a trio of key people involved with bringing the Volcom Pipe Pro to life: Photographer Zak Noyle, surf team manager Matt Bemrose, and surfer Carlos Muñoz."