Surf trips are pretty much what us ocean riders live for right? Many will put up with months of the most tedious, backbreaking, thankless, unsociable jobs if only it allows them to put some wonga aside for that next well-earned surf destination. And yet, once away, even the most thorough, water-tight plans can all go pear-shaped so quickly.  Sun stroke. A simple reef cut.  Busted sticks. Localism. Flat spells (leading to booze, birds, and late night brawls - and/or STDs). Not to mention plane crashes, malaria, tsunamis, shark attacks...

Oh yes, there are so many ways to kook it.

And that's where this saviour of a 'How To' book comes to your rescue, the Surf Trip Survival Guide, detailing every possible scenario of how and when your trip will go tits up, so that you're at least able to minimise the damage. You see it's all about damage control, coz given enough time things will go wrong. And isn't that what surf trips are really about?

The Surf Trip Survival Guide, published May 2012 by Falco.

Pocket size, 144 pages, price: €16.95, £14.95 or $22.50

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