Boardshorts? Boardshorts are for pussies. Marlon Lipke, not in Rio. Photo Elli Thor

It’s not called the Nixon Challenge for nothing. While the world’s best competitive surfers are sipping cocktails on laydays in Rio, and the world’s biggest chargers are scraping themselves off the reef in Teahupoo, the 12th edition of the mobile surf event the Nixon Challenge, in association with Monster Energy, Dragon and Reef, is being held right now in Iceland.

12 handpicked surfers, including Chippa Wilson, Fergal Smith, Jonathan Gonzalez, Marlon Lipke and Gony  Zubizarreta are, as we speak, donning some serious rubber and attacking the Arctic Cirle (and maybe a few of the Reykjavík nightclubs). The event runs till the 19th May, upon which the riders themselves will decide who receives the much sought-after trophy for the best trick and the overall winner.

It's only Day 3, but as you can see from the pics below,  Iceland is really living up to its name. It look fucking freezing! But that’s the point, isn’t it? Stay tuned the Nixon gang will be dropping web clips soon and here at Surf Europe, we will be tracking every day with all the action. Here is a sample from Day 2.

Chippa Wilson, breaks the ice. Photo Alex Laurel
William Aliotti heads north. Photo Elli Thor
For Kepa, this is like an all expenses trip to Club Med. Photo Elli Thor


Gony Zubizarreta, spraying slushy. Photo Elli Thor


Luckily there is no toll gates in Iceland. Nixon tell us it took six days to affix the flag to the Landrover. Photo Elli Thor
Eric the Viking unleashed his sword. Photo Alex Laurel