By: Andrew Kidman & Eduardo Madera Length: 37 mins Music: The Brown Birds From Windy Hill

If you, like Andrew Kidman are in love with the surfing of yesteryear and certain pivotal figures in surfing’s evolution, then this is the DVD for you. Described by its makers as ‘a collage’, The Ghosts Are Calling is pretty similar to Litmus, minus the eye-opening Irish surf discoveries and Curren. TGAC revisits key figures like Wayne Lynch, Derek Hynd and Dave Parmenter with interviews and soundbites, as well as Neal Purchase Jr and Mark Sutherland (who makes another animation for TGAC – remember the heroin-themed one with 400 cartoon bottom turns from Litmus?) Thoughtfully made, nicely shot and an alternative to one-turn clip, wave-porn action flicks, if that’s not what you’re into. (Also available as a DVD Box Set with Litmus.)