DVD: Documentary

Produced by: Matt Gye and Shagga

Length: 57 min

Description: Follow the 2005 WCT Tour, its highlights and how Slater made history. The best of 2005 from all the main players. 45 surfers, 11 events, 1 incredible season.

Highlights: ‘The greatest season in pro surfing history,’ including Fanning’s comeback victory at Snapper, Kelly’s magic at Chopes, ‘Perfect Storm’ conditions in Fiji, close calls at J-Bay and Trestles, epic France and an emotional climax at Pipeline. Plus mental free-surfing between events, Slats’ 7th title.

Soundtrack: Yidcore, Slightly Stoopid, N8, Danko Jones, The Shine, Something With Numbers…

Bonus: Tunes, Options Mag trailer.