Best wave in Europe: Mundaka The world: Rags Rights in the Mentawais. Best poker victory: In Australia at the Quik house. Remember that one Daz? Best European junior surfers are: Joan Duru, Marc Lacomare, Charly Martin, Maxime Huscenot, Vincent Duvignac, Arthur Bourbon, Frederico Morais, Nicolau von Rupp... Best resto in Biarritz: Bistro Aroma and Chez Philippe. Best party place in Biarritz: Are there any parties in Biarritz? Best golf score: Somewhere under 100. Best venue on the WQS: Scotland. Best waves I’ve had on WQS: Scotland 2006. Best way to get good at surfing is: Surf a lot and train. Best DVD to watch before surfing: Dane Reynolds First Chapter. Best amp up song: I don’t listen to music before heats... but if I did I’d be like Kepa and listen to Bob Marley for the flow. Best golf course I’ve played: Anglet golf course, love it!

Best thing about being a pro: Surfing a lot of different places, doing well in contests and seeing guys like Jordy Smith and Dane Reynolds surf all the time. Best style in surfing belongs to: Tom Curren. Best bank in Anglet: The locals won’t be happy with this one... Cavaliers.

Best party I’ve been to recently: In Thurso... I couldn’t understand a word of what the locals were saying ‘coz of their accents though. Best advice anyone gave me: ‘There’s gold dust in the air for everyone.’ Best airport: Singapore, by far. Best people to travel with: All the European and Tahitian QS guys and the juniors, friends from home and family. Best contest to win would be: Hossegor WCT... it’s the closest one to home, but I’ll take Scotland any time too. Best book: All autobiographies. Best film: The Last Samurai and Lucky Number Slevin. Best way to work on your style: Fall asleep thinking about it.