Contest Results: 2 x National Champ in Portugal 3 x German Junior Champ

“Whenever Melvin is at home, we can turn the TV off. There’s entertainment guaranteed," reckons Dago Lipke, father to Melvin and brother Marlon. He first set foot on a surfboard at 9-years-old and admits feeling a bit scared. More than a decade later he’s addicted to surfing, be it in the Algarve, Mentawais, France or on a recent trip to the frozen waters of Iceland. “I went to Iceland to surf, the waves weren't perfect but really fun and the scenery was amazing! Plus they have very good-looking ladies!" Even after travelling to such incredible destinations, just like his brother, Melvin likes his home better than any other place in the world. “The Algarve is a magical place, especially Lagos. It’s full of people from all over the world creating the perfect nightlife, but apart from that it’s a beautiful sunny place with some amazing surf spots and mellow crowds. Maybe I’m going to move away for a couple of years, but the Algarve will always be the place I’ll return to. A funny character, party boy, talented and super keen surfer, basically, he’s one of those guys that makes friends wherever he goes, just looking for fun in anything he does, be it surfing any kind of waves, going out at night, meeting girls or playing the main role, at 14, in a German movie shoot in Mexico (besides some homemade productions). Still, when asked what comes first – a night out or an early morning surf, he doesn’t hesitate in responding. “I’d choose the early surf and score some good waves because the nights in Lagos are always good, so I know I can go out the next night and won’t have missed anything." One thing is for sure, Melvin Lipke knows how to throw a party out of everyday life.