AGE: 17 HOME: ST IVES, CORNWALL HEIGHT: 1M70 WEIGHT: 61KGS SHORTBOARD: 5’10" X 171/2" SPONSORS: RIP CURL, RELENTLESS, SAND SIFTER SURF SHOP There has been a refreshing surge of young talent coming out of West Cornwall over the last few years with the likes of Dane Hall, Billy Norways and Harris Rothschild etching a much needed mark on the future of Junior surfing from the region. Heading up that surge is seventeen-year-old Jayce Robinson. Hailing from St Ives, Jayce is probably one of the hardest working and most humble groms you’ll meet. Having won or been in the finals of nearly all domestic champs Jayce definitely has what it takes to make a career out of surfing. On land he spends most of his time training in the gym, doing yoga or running (when he’s not lording himself to a bevy of chicks on myspace). In the water, starting surfing at the age of 9, Jayce developed a head-turning fast, smooth style before he grew his first pubic hair. Soapbar-round-the-bathtub smooth roundhouse cutties, air reverses and tail slides to boot Jayce certainly has the full package. Will Jayce be following Russ’s footsteps to be the only true Brit to make it onto the tour? Ask him and you will only get one answer. Securing an exclusive deal with Rip Curl for the next four years will see Jayce give the Euro circuit the biggest shot of his life. Just back from spending a whole winter in Australia training with his Rip Curl teammates followed by his first season in Hawaii, Jayce could not be a happier Cornishman at the moment. Plans for the future? Just about to embark on his second full season on the Pro Junior circuit. Hopes? A top 15 positioning. Chances? Pretty good I’d say. A lot of people would be very stoked to see this lad go all the way. Check out Jayce’ full profile on