Produced by: The Malloys, Taylor Steele, Clark Eddy, Sam McIntosh, Brendan Hearne

Length: 46 min

Soundtrack: Wolfmother, G Love, Rolling Blackouts, Ozomatli, Donavon Frankenreiter...

Description: Some of the most creative surf filmmakers around present short film skits with Taj Burrow as the subject. A heterogeneous assortment of action, art and humour. Although Taj hasn’t won a world title yet, it’s clear to see why he’s still considered one of the best and most exciting to watch surfers in the world.

Highlights: Man Made (tow-at in Malaysia), Garage Sale (surf a door with Kelly Slater or a table with Taj), Captured (a different arty perspective), My Beach (with Ben Stiller, pretty classic) and Taj’s infamous heli session.

Bonus: France, Mexico, Blue Carpet Special, Sponsors page.