My favourite cover was Issue 54 (October 2007) with Tim Boal. This was taken during a REEF campaign shoot in Bali and we were staying in Kuta, at the Un’s Hotel, going surfing everyday between Canggu and Keramas. Keramas was definitely the best wave. It was kind of crowded with Hawaiians but we had that one morning to ourselves with two other locals. Tim Boal is a mellow guy that doesn’t really express himself when there’s a lot of people around, on land or in the water. That morning the vibe suited him and he was blasting air 360’s non-stop until he pulled one. I waited for months to get the right shot of him, and to make sure that this cover reflects his surfing. A year later, Tim qualified on the WCT and he’s now part of the Dream Tour, with the 45 best surfers in the world.

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