Bruce Brown, director of 'Endless Summer', not just the greatest surf film ever made but probably the greatest surf anything ever made, will appear in San Sebastian this week at Savage Cinema, part of the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Personally, I'm pretty psyched on meeting both Bruce and Denzel Washington... but mainly Bruce.

Anyway, Bruce's son Dana is presenting the world premiere of ON ANY SUNDAY, THE NEXT CHAPTER Sept 26th, the sequel of his father's cult movie ON ANY SUNDAY (1971).

These two! Dana & Bruce

To celebrate a legit surf legend being in town, SAVAGE CINEMA are organising an outdoor silent screening with SKULLCANDY headphones of ON ANY SUNDAY. It's totally free and open to the public. That's right tightwads... free! and open to the public, that's you!

Be at OKENDO PLAZA on Wed 24th at 8.45 PM if you want to be part of the radness.