The latest episode of the Surf Europe podcast is live!

Recorded from the beautiful Spanish coast at the Cantabria/Asturias border, Paul is living the #vanlife dream under testing conditions for broadcast, but great conditions for shred and nature.

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Part 1: Intro

The lads bring you an update on their differing states of toke, whereas Paul doesn't smoke da reefer, Ben, we discover, does occasionally talk to Jah Jah when a bit drunk. Paul sets the scene of campsite life, where the rain is falling and the bums are a-plopping while he's trying to brush his teeth. Talk then turns to J-Bay and how Slater continues to make a bell of himself with his increasingly desperate limelight craving antics. In a rare display of empathy, Paul feels a bit sorry for surfing during the South African event, having to compete with the Fifa World Cup for hearts and minds, and losing.

Part 2: oh, that's good!

What's been good in surfing lately? Ben takes pleasure in watching the rise of his countryman Wade Carmichael in recent Tour events, and enjoys the shortened format of the Padang event in Indo.

Paul points to a brilliant interview Surf Europe did with George Monbiot, and in particular Monbiot's views on Blue Planet 2 and David Attenborough fuelling the plastic pollution virtue signalling trend, and missing the opportunity to address bigger issues. But do go and pick up plastic off the beach - just do it quietly.

Part 3: That's bad!

Leo & Kanoa at the World Cup final in matching smart casual gets Mondy's goat in a big way, and leaves Paul suffering from an acute bout of nausea. Paul's bad is a bit more of a niche gripe: it's people who rub cold water on the nape of their neck before swimming in the sea. 

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