We're back with the latest episode of the Surf Europe podcast, recorded in Capbreton, SW France during a belter of a June swell.

After a long, and frankly unfair on the surfing public, hiatus, Moan At Mondy returns, allowing the surf world to air its grievances, to vent its putrid festering spleen in Ben's general direction. We take calls from the public and find out what, in surfing, is getting your goat.

Cecil in Ireland thinks surf culture is too macho, Nate Dog wants better vibes in general in the sea, while Brian thinks Dorian and Sancho are boring. Controversial.

As if to sum up the rich and varied tapestry that makes up our listenership, one Moaner observes, philosophically, that "Waves travel a long way to get to us, we should enjoy them," while another counters with the more basic, and yet not necessarily less true "The Nixon logo looks like a bumhole."

Elsewhere, we discuss recent goings on in the shredosphere, and make shocking revelations about dinner table celebrity longboarder headbutts, while Ben recounts his recent stint compèring a glitzy red carpet movie premiere in London's Leicester Square, on Monster Energy drink's dime... And he has the gall to call himself a socialist.

For fans of surf general knowledge trivia, Ben's topic of Nazaré, Portugal takes on Paul's the life and times of Carwyn Williams. There can only really be one winner in that epic mis-match, folks.

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