Paul Evans & Ben Mondy return with the latest instalment of the SE Podcast.

With the Behind The Mullet Curtain: The Basque Country on location episode being cancelled due to factors, the boys more than compensate for your lack of pod with a real rip snortin' humdinger of a return to form.

Up for discussion this time:

Is Simon Anderson a Sacred Cow? Like, what's he actually done, really, since '81?

Less than Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Paul contends.

Who? Exactly.

Elsewhere, beer gardens, wavepools, Connor Coffin's EP, big wave awards, IG transgressions, Taj, Jack & Taylor's single use plastic boo boo, the Basques, growing old but still being rad, and of course, yet more insight into Ben and Shane Dorian's deep, deep friendship, make up the chat.

In Podcaster Mastermind, Lord Ted Deerhurst takes on Nazaré, where Ben scrapes the barrel even by his own abysmally-low question writing standards.

Who but who will come up trumps this time, in the ultimate battle of specialist surfing knowledge?

Warning: contains strong language. 

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