Now I know most of you have been glued to the social media stream that has been spewing forth from the Billabong Pro in Rio. I mean here at Surf Europe we have a 75 decibel klaxon that goes off every time a pro surfers posts a shot from the base of the Christ The Redeemer Jesus statue overlooking Rio. We then put on our Brazilian thongs and dance a five minute rumba to "The Girl From Impanema." Over the last few days, we haven't taken the bloody bikinis off. Anyway while you have been kept busy by the Rio stream, you probably haven't heard that there has been a little swell in Tahiti. Its been a relatively low key affair, very little media coverage and the odd grainy picture. So to keep you in the loop, here's a few images from the three guys that managed to get over to surf it.

Only the very foolisg, abd the very brave get in positions like Laurie Towner here.
Alain Riou rode the biggest wave of his life, pulled his best mate Sancho from the inside bleeding and unconscious and destroyed a few boards. What have you done over the last three days?


Richie Vass is Mark Mathews offsider, Bra Boy and proven lunatic.
The week before Richie had fought and won the Combat 8 bantamweight title. Australia's UFC equivalent. Next week he is due to fight four tigers, whilst surfing Shipsterns in a cage.


Bald cam has come in leaps and bounds this week.
Makua was one of the first casualties. Others to follow were Sancho (head), Reef (ribs) and Laird (SUP paddle up the rectum).


Surfing was again pushed into a new realm. When guys are doing double somersaults, even before taking off, you know progress is being made.
This is a framegrab of the start of Koa Rothman's wave of the week. Looks like fun huh.


Koa's "Oi" got him into this.

Oh, Oh the Klaxon has gone off. Brett Simpson has just climbed to the Jesus statue in Rio!! Gotta down tools, don the thong, Surf Burp is over, its time to Rumba!!

An unique image we will never, ever tire off.