Yes the online petitions, the nude marches and the hunger strikes have paid off, Surf Burp back. Surf Europe's own regurgitation of other people's social media vomit, is back. This week we thought we'd use some of surfing's better talented surfers Instagram accounts as an educational tool. You see it's not all bikinis and barrels, coconuts and sunsets, some of these opinion formers provide thought provoking, philosophical questions that we'd be best to listen to and learn from. After all who is better equipped to pass on life advice then say, a 21 year old pro surfer? Hmmn, maybe sometimes the messenger does deserve to be shot.

Sage Ericsson and something to really think about. Although to be honest, we are pretty sure they are the same thing.
There is perhaps no greater way of paying your respects to the dead of  9/11 then taking a sexy shot in your bikini.
There's a very serious message here and that is Surf Europe will take bribes. Thanks D, the 50 euros has already been spent!
Here Malea takes the times to teach the value of devoting yourself to the moment. And that's even if that moment takes 15 minutes to set up.


Haydenshapes posts on the joys of turning our backs on consumerism and rampant advertising. The fact he sells lots of products, primarily through advertising and sponsorship, in no way detracts from the message.


Yes Rod Owen has a point, waves are strange. Not as strange as say cynical surf journalists, or those 5 year old Indian bodybuilders, but strange nontheless.