For a medium that supposedly about the here and now, it seems that social media deals a lot in the past. And so like a bad trip acid flashback this week's Surf Burp goes Back to the Future.

8) Marty McFly - Surf commentator Sal Masekela was the 5th billion person to get done by the old altered date trick on the DeLorean time machine. Somewhere in the world, in a dark, wank stained room there is a disturbed geek that each day photoshops today's date on this image so that people like Sal can post it on Facebook in an attempt to look smart and cool.

The thing we don't get about Back to The Future is why Marty McFly doesn't want to have sex with school aged mother? She's hot.

7) Kelly Slater delves into his past, getting quite weird, but doffing his bald dome to Cheyne Horan and what remains a thoroughly now bottom turn.

We were going to say this turn is timeless, until we realised it does have time.

6) Photos of pro surfers as teenagers is really interesting, isn't it?

Kai Otton and a waistjacket to die for.

5) Donny Frankenreiter, himself stuck in a '70s timewarp, found this photo and put it up. It has absolutely nothing to do with surfing, but when was the last time you saw Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix playing keep it ups?

You can smell the drugs, and the uncordination

4) The 80s were cool right? Uhm, no.


This look is called "Neon Slut"

3) Is this the past, the present, or the future? With Occy it's always hard to tell.

Just pick any year from 1981onwards.

2) The boys traveled back from Bali in a tardis.

Ah, Wilko, your the wackiest.

1) Not only did Mick just win a world title, but one of his closest mates quoted Bette Middler from the seminal scene in the cult surf movie The Wind Beneath My Wings! Now life can't get any better than that!

If we had been slapped by Andy, we'd be rolling around the floor hysterical with pain.