Ever been to Western Australia? Sure it's great place. Awesome waves, fantastic wineries, all sorts of animals that bite you and run into and crush your hire cars. Having said that, these days there is actually no real reason to physically go there. Traveling is expensive, and for fools. And when you have Instagram, well it's actually better than the real thing. In this week's Surf Burp, we take a virtual, vicarious tour of Margaret River.

10. Get amongst the wildlife

Flat day fun for West Ozzie sheila Claire Beviliacqua means eating out Occy.

9. The Wineries

It seems this motley crew ignored the option that involved the spit bucket.

8. The Day After The Wineries

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out what was the last thing Jordy Smith ate before he went to bed.

7. Go the Beach

Interestingly Monica and Laura also have opposite views on carbon capture credits, the role of the central bank Eurozone crisis and nuclear power.

6. Go the beach... with mates

Once again Laura and her mates hit the beach. Either that or they are making a tampon commercial, where bright young things have their times of their lives in soft top 4wd whilst menstruating.

5. Get Creative... with cooking

Looks like Ace has been watching a little too much Masterchef.

4. Get Creative... with shells

We would like to confirm that Mason is a heterosexual male.

3. Meet the locals

Kolohe gives a young West Ozzie a sly piece of his mind.

2. Check out the new surf and UFC hybrid competition

Of course their is some type of surfing competition going on that seems to involve martial arts.

1. Go Home

We agree with Perth, this really is a shitty place to be.