5. Jeremy Anderson


To be fair to Quiksilver America, it's an easy mistake to make. I mean you try telling the difference between an Australian long haired, freesurfing goofy aerialist and a hard charging, hard carving, French member of the top 32. See, bloody difficult isn't it. And anyway, if you thought Jeremy was fuming, imagine how angry Anderson was.

4. The 100 Foot wave (or just a quite big one)

100 foot

With regard to G-Mac's 100 foot wave, we're not quite sure where this whole hundred foot rumour came from, although it may have been us. On the adventure journal blog, former XXL judge Chris Dixon quoted Garrett as saying to Outside Magazine, “Surf Europe was the first one we’ve found to put it up. It’s all from a picture, they don’t even know if it’s Photoshopped or not. My mother-in-law told me, ‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.’ That’s a good way to think about it."

In our defence, our estimation was pretty scientific. It went something along the lines of, "Fuck that's big, lets call it a 100 foot." As for Garrett's deaf and half blind mum-in-law, we express our heartfelt sympathies.

3. The World's Going Retro

Fanning retro

Fanning retro

Not usually one seen with the free wheeling, whale saving, balsa eating, retro crew, Mick Fanning still seems to go alright on a board with only one fin.

2. Hey Hollywood Leave Us Surfers Alone


That's right a new twist on the surfing tale, this time a secret gay dude dying with AIDS. Its bound to be a cracker, after all when has Hollywood ever got surfing wrong?

1. Inverted Bush


This has no relevance to anything, is obviously very old and even did the social media rounds about six months ago. I don't care, it's the best skate shot I've seen in a long time and features an inverted bush. Enough said.