'Big Fuck Off Sunday' didn't do the do at Nazaré.

While we wait faithfully by our Facebooks for reports to fill in from your other favourite big burl breakers this sabbath, Jeff Flindt and redbull.com/surfing sent in a wee dispatch from the now-infamous Portuguese big wave spot.

Reporting too much lump and bump in the ocean and plenty of inclement weather, "No one surfed today" stated the Sweden-based super shooter via email.

At lunchtime today, La Nord in Hossegor was maxed out gigantic and had whitewater breaking about 3km outside in a part of the ocean that's supposed to be several km's deep, and while we await the pending froth from the French Basque Country's Belharra, here's a peek at Nazaré this morning. Stay tuned.

Photos by Jeff Flindt / redbull.com/surfing

G-Mac surveys the Praia Norte arena.

Got wagon got ski got Benz surfboard got balls of steel... but still no cigar.

A moody grainy vibe on a too bumpy/not really happening arena. Today at Nazaré at least, Guinness World Record hymens remain unbroken.