The guys at Roxy have been producing quality apparel for some time, now they're venturing into the audio market. Check it out, and if you fancy some Roxy audiovisual stimulation, have a butchers at their PODCAST

“Music is such a huge part of any girl’s life. It’s what drives you in competition; it’s what brings back memories of a certain place or a certain event," says Danielle Beck, Roxy’s Director of Entertainment and Sports Marketing. “Listening to your music with great sound technology makes all the difference."

“With this partnership, JBL is expanding the demographic reach of the brand by delivering superior lifestyle products to a new audience of young women whose lives are a confluence of fashion, music and adventure," states Susan Paley, director of business development for JBL. “Designed by women, for women, the first run of the JBL/Roxy co-branded products are just the beginning. Both companies are committed to providing young women products that inspire them, enabling them to express themselves through the personal and shared experience of music."

JBL and Roxy’s combined passions for fashion and music are carving a new path for the gypsy heart girl with a rock-n-roll beat, allowing her superior music listening experiences in high design. Due to JBL and Roxy’s collaborative effort, sound is not only meeting style; but rather, sound is style.