Joel Parkinson triumphed in the O'Neill World Cup of Surfing this morning, defeating Sunny, Mick and Dusty in a well contested final. Sunny Boy lead from the beginning with a 9.4 for a throaty baz across the Inside Bowl, but with time running out Parko's steady nerve saw him earn the 6 he needed to take the 'second jewel' of the Vans Triple Crown. Sunny had been the one of the standouts of the day, as was Mick Fanning, who seemingly peaked a heat early. In his semi, he combo'd the field from the outset and seemed to get barreled every time his feet touched his wax, but despite a late rally in the final, had to settle for 3rd.

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Glenn Hall, flying the Irish tricolore needed to first advance from is QF heat of death (Mick, Pancho, Torrey Meister) and then get at least 3rd in the Semis. Waves didn't come his way, and thus he misses out on the 2010 WCT by one heat. Devo'd. Tonight, his facebook status reads 'Fuck.'

Maui's Dusty Payne on the other hand needed the same pozzy and got it, making the Final. He becomes the first ever Maui surfer to make the WCT.

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In other news, some of the North Shore's population, or at least those lining the ocean front are sandbagging and preparing for the worst. 'Bigger than 98', 'bigger than 69', and 'biggest ever' are just some of the calls being made about the size of the swell that's currently marauding through the extra-tropical regions of the North Pacific, in this very direction. After the final around midday, the swell picked up, then dropped off again, before picking up again at nightfall. Worryingly, there's a helicopter with searchlights on doing fly-by patterns between Waimea and Sunset right now in the dark, never usually a good sign.

Stand by for the Eddie in memory of Quiksilver which may well run, if indeed it isn't too onshore, too west, or too big.

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Here's the vidyo from today: