Surfing can seem a fairly male oriented past-time, you might even say sausage fest. Well here at Surf Europe we’re looking to reset the balance by finding the most beautiful Staff Lady and splashing her all over the magazine. That’s right guys, it’s time to give the girls a go. We all have at least one gorgeous girl friend, so get snapping and win some major browny points and a holiday for two courtesy of Maximum Surfcamp in Peniche, Portugal.

The lucky lady also wins a photo-shoot with Surf Europe photog Alex Laurel and will have their shot published in the magazine. There’ll be bikinis and clothing up for grabs too, courtesy of the guys at Roxy.

We’ll be providing you with all the latest entries here on The Search has started so send us your shots to, and our team of dedicated ‘talent’ spotters will get on it.

Here are a couple of sample images, to give you a few ideas. And if that's not enough, check out our STAFF LADY page.