By: Taylor Steel, Studio 411 and Sipping Jetstreams Media

Length: 42 min

Music: Ian Brown, Massive Attack, Ugly Casanova, Tim Curran, Placebo...

Bonus: Behind the Scenes, Sipping Jetstreams: the book, Bantul Project, Teaser, Directors Commentary.

Description: If you love travelling and enjoying the magic of surf tripping, you’ll love this high quality, high budget movie that really captures the essence of it all. Destinations include Japan, Bali, Barbados, Hong Kong, Italy, Egypt, Morocco. An allstar cast of surfers like Kelly, Shane, Yadin, Dan Malloy, Tim Curren, Ozzie, Irons Bros, Alex Gray, Kalani, Losness and more.

Highlights: Featuring a mix of established and lesser-known surf destinations, the clear highlight is Kelly’s section at epic Soup Bowl. If you’ve been following SE over the past year or so you’ll recognize a lot of the travel content from these pages. Other points of interest: With a 32-page beautiful travel agenda and high-end hardcover packaging, Sipping Jetstreams makes a wicked gift for any surfer.

Words by Iker