Lost’s Matt Biolos says he’s as good as any shaper out there, but Brazilian Johnny Cabianca, who shapes for Pukas and lives in the Basque Country, is only just beginning to attain the kind of international recognition enjoyed by the likes of Al Merrick, Jason Stevenson and Biolos himself. So, who is he? Well, for a start he shaped Gabriel Medina, 5'11", the frontrunner for this year’s world title - and apparently he’s also responsible for the boards Medina has been riding to such devastating effect.


‘Shaping Medina’ is a short documentary about Cabianca and how he shaped the young man likely to become Brazil’s first ever World Champion. There’s also a little bit about Medina’s religious beliefs, some interesting insight into the abuse Medina and Brazilians in general are accustomed to receiving from the wider surfing community, and an interview with Medina’s best mate Miguel Pupo, who Cabianca may also have shaped.