sebastian williams

Born in Mexico to a Mexican mother but raised mostly in California, young Sebastian Williams has been spending more and more time over the last few years in his father's homeland of South Africa. So it's fair to say the kid knows a thing or two when it comes to surfing right-hand pointbreaks. He says he loves doing contests, but he also has this to say about them: "When you're at a point where you just go out and you say, 'I just wanna have fun', it doesn't matter if you fall because you're still having fun. That's how I love surfing in contests." That's the spirit Seb, don't let those bastards grind you down!


This clip from South African magazine ZigZag, who caught up with Sebastian last September for the Hurley SA Jnr Champs at J-Bay, features what is perhaps the most extraordinary recovery we've ever seen -- so extraordinary we thought for a moment it was a CGI trick. It's some real Jedi Knight shit. Actually it reminded me of Wingnut in Endless Summer II -- on the Costa Rica leg of the trip, if I remember correctly -- when, after losing his leashless longboard on the wave before, he bodysurfs towards the shore, catches up with his upturned board on the way and proceeds to surf it upside down into the shallows.