Young Sam Piter is just eleven years old. He's only ever known the twenty-first century. He's younger than Girls Aloud. He's probably never even watched a VHS. But in spite of his young years, this clip filmed over the winter in Costa Rica and California would suggest he's already better versed in the arts of shred than most of us will ever be.

And no wonder, because his dad is Didier Piter, A.K.A. Diddy P, A.K.A. Duff Paddy -- one of our favourite Frenchies, who reached the semi-finals in the Pipe Masters in 2001 and who nowadays works as a professional surf coach. If you desire the benefit of his experience and expertise you can hit him up on his website here (see above for the results), or visit the Surf Europe How To pages, where he'll teach you how to nail them late take-offs under the lip and other handy life skills.