Remind you of a certain other famous Kauai surfer?


Name: Sebastian Zietz

AKA: Seabass

Date of Birth: February 6, 1988

Hometown: Kilauea, Hawaii

Stance: Natural

Before winter in Hawaii, Seabass was just another incredibly talented Kauai surfer, all be it one known for having three thumbs. Then he won Haleiwa, came third at Sunset, won the Triple Crown at Pipe and qualified for the World Tour, all in two weeks. Now we’ll get to see one of surfing’s funniest men take his Jon Jonesque all round act to the world’s best. Backed by about 18 brothers, and with Bruce Irons, Tom Whitaker and Dustin Barca in his brains trust, he could do some real damage. Trust us, the World Tour just became a better place with SeaBass in it.