While it was mainly southern Europe getting the Newsnight love, it was the somewhat darker, more sinister Western Isles of Scotland that provided a bit of northern exposure for intrepid Reubyn Ash. Photos: Ben Selway

Scotland is always an experience as a surfer, whatever the waves are doing.

"Winter is a wicked season to be a surfer in Europe, it’s a great time for waves here in Britain.

I like it because we can get really good waves at home in the UK, and then I just watch the charts for the whole of Europe and can do cool short trips on a swell, and still get a bit of home time in the mix.

Last autumn was rad of course, with all the swell that hit, and this winter has been relentless. I saw the boys going mad at Nazaré and all that crazy huge stuff and thought ‘Rather them than me... hahaha’.




Scotland is always an experience as a surfer, whatever the waves are doing. We went up to the Western Isles on this trip and found some fun waves, we didn't really find anything too mental but we had some fun beachies. The place was pretty weathered, it bears the brunt of everything coming in off the North Atlantic. But there are some real pretty places up there too, the north west of the island was kinda barren while the south and east were beautiful areas. After that trip back on the mainland I did a week around Thurso and got some great waves in that area.

Probably the best three things about Scotland for me would be great waves of course, amazing views and a whole lot less people in the sea than in England. I’ve done Scotland in the van a couple of times, the one thing I’d advise is to bring thick blankets..."

Reubyn in the more sedentary surrounds of the Basque Country, at the Wave Garden. With a whole swathe of Wave Gardens proposed for around the UK, the Britons are thanking the Basques for their most useful invention since... er... ever!