The 5 star rated event has been a fixture in the UK and World surfing calendar for over 25 years with 2009 offering the highest prize money ever seen in England. With an increased purse of £120,000 the Worlds best surfers will be descending upon Fistral Beach intent on picking up the prize money and more importantly the valuable world tour rating points needed to catapult them into the World Championship ‘Dream’ Tour.

The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) consists of two tours, the World Qualifying Series (WQS) and World Championship Tour (WCT). The WCT is the ultimate in competitive surfing and it is here that World Champions are crowned over 12 events in a year. To qualify for the WCT a surfer must gain points on the WQS. The WQS has different levels of events ranging from 1-6 stars and 6 star prime events. The higher the star rating the more points and prize money is available to the surfers.

The Relentless Boardmasters in association with Vans 5 star WQS will take place over 6 days and will feature some of the best surfer on the planet. This year sees names such as Nathan Webster and Nathan Hedge both of whom are previous WCT competitors. Add names like Vans team rider John John Florence from Hawaii and Australian Matt Wilkinson and the mixture of youth and experience really offers the broadest range of surfers one will see in the UK.

For those looking to witness progressive surfing at its ultimate limits, Relentless will be holding the Relentless Aerial Assault. The event uses jet skis to tow surfers into waves at speeds normally unobtainable allowing surfers to perform the most radical and jaw dropping moves such as flips, spins and giant turns.

The Relentless Boardmasters in association with Vans 2009 is the most complete event for lovers of music, surf and action sports. With 3 sites across Newquay offering surf, skate, bmx, daily live music acts and a music festival for 12,500 people, including Cypress Hill and The Streets, the Relentless Boardmasters in association with Vans 2009 will be the highlight of the UK summer.

Tickets are available at the website at the following rates:

· Beach Sessions - £14.50 · Boardmasters Watergate Bay Day ticket 29.99 · Boardmasters Watergate Bay Weekend £54.99 · Charger - £89.00 – SOLD OUT

Tickets are available from For PR requests please contact:


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