The best thing about The Eddie is perhaps that it generally doesn't even happen.

Only held when legit 25ft Hawaiian surf is pounding the fabled break of Waimea Bay on Oahu's North Shore, even a 3 month waiting period (Dec thru Feb) usually isn't enough to do the do for an esteemed list of invitees and alternates that includes retirement age legends, the best big wave riders in the world from Hawaii and across the world and even monsieur Jeremy Flores.

Not run since 2009, are we due an Eddie this 14/15 winter season?

Past Eddie winners:

1985/1986 Denton Miyamura

1989/1990 Keone Downing

2000/2001 Ross Clarke-Jones

2004/2005 Bruce Irons

1986/1987 Clyde Aikau

1998/1999 Noah Johnson

2001/2002 Kelly Slater

2009/2010 Greg Long

Do you like to wait 5 years between your fave big wave events to avoid overkill, or prefer em once a month?

And, be honest... have you ever heard of Denton Miyamura???