There’s really nothing to it. Never mind the fact that the best surfers in the world have trouble getting waves out there, sometimes even when they have it to themselves, as was the case in this year’s Round 2. No, it’s actually quite simple. “Just look for the best waves," says three-time Pipe Master Tom Carroll, who showed in his Heritage Series heat a few days ago how well he still surfs the place. The best waves, I bet you hadn’t thought of that one!

“Don’t be scared," says Ace Buchan, “and carry a big stick", which is presumably for beating off the hordes of locals and World Tour surfers. Yes, beat them off with a stick! No, not beat them off like that! I'm not referring to stick-assisted stimulation - although if you think it’ll help you get a wave out there, by all means give it a go.

After watching the latest installment of Hurley’s Tour Notes, which also contains some actually useful advice from the inimitable Tom Curren, you should be just about ready to surf Pipeline. And if by any chance you’re not, then here’s Kelly Slater with some interesting insight into the various moods of one of the world’s most difficult waves.