Shit done changed.

Once, when there as a surfer(s' rep), the fearless, at times peerless Kieren Perrow surely would've been all about pulling the trigger and running the thing, no?

Alas, on Saturday just passed, Kieren, as the ASP Commissioner, decreed the Pipemasters would go on hold and instead freesurfers gorged themselves on big, dangerous, amazing Pipeline.

Surf fans the world over made snide remarks as their status updates. Nothing unusual there.

In response to the no-run, via the at-times highly entertaining Beachgrit Matt Warshaw, one of the heavyweights of surf penmanship, stooped so low as to cutting a crude video of the affair. Video! Moving pictures and music in place of prose. Beautiful, poignant, mid-brow prose. Warshaw, you slag.

It is actually very, very good. I LOL'd. The only bit I'd question is 'what you want': Rosy and interviewing Belly...