By: Matt Gye & Shagga

What is it? DVD Magazine (a real DVD magazine!)

Highlights: A very intelligent, new and original way of doing a magazine. The footage is really good - no 16mm arty stuff, but just pure hardcore action. Australia’s finest (Fanning, Parko, Dingo as well as hottest upcomers Shaun Cansdell, Josh Kerr, Jay Thompson, Ryan Hipwood, Luke Dorrington, Jay Phillips, etc.) at the best spots (Kirra, Snapper, The Box, North Point, the North Shore). What you would expect from a really good magazine.

Length: Full length flick (22 min) + massive amount of footage to see while flicking through the virtual mag.

Soundtrack highlights: Swollen Members, King Mungi, 28 Days.

Bonus: A full magazine to read and watch! 23 virtual pages with photos and footage.