The Oi Cunt 2 Turn Combo Pro In Quotes

Deep throat, a budding bromance in the commentary team, kamikaze jet ski drivers... So much funny!

“I mean, sometimes we struggle with English, right?” — Gigs Celliers, impressed by Leo Fioravanti’s facility with languages.

“I like the fact that he’s catching waves” — Martin Potter on Jack Freestone.

“I just want to smash my competitor really”

“Gabriel Medina. What can you say? A lot of things. Exciting! Stoked! Yes! Wow! All sorts of cool things come to mind…” — Pete Mel says all sorts of cool things.

“I just want to smash my competitor really.” — Courtney Conlogue.

“Sometimes you wanna see what kinda spray’s gonna go on your board to make it really pop.” — Joe Turpel.

“The higher ranked you are, the more butter you have on your bread” — Martin Potter, via Nihilist999 @nihilist999.

“Waz is happy to be back, let me tell ya”

“Waz is happy to be back, let me tell ya.” — Strider Wasilewski has a strong 3rd person game.

“I’ve been ill actually for the last four days since my last heat… It was probably a blessing really, if I wasn’t ill I’d probably have got bored pretty quick…” — Tyler Wright.

“This event has been nothing but spectacular” — Joe Turpel. There are probably a few other applicable adjectives we could think of…

“I don’t think it’s hard to date on tour. But it’s hard to date on tour when you’re 18 years old. That’s the last thing you want to do, or have to worry about…especially coming to Rio de Janeiro.” — Leo Fioravanti.

“Sometimes you wanna see what kinda spray’s gonna go on your board to make it really pop”

“And now, John John went down the coast for a little visit to a deep throat . . . Yes!” — Gigs Celliers (below).

“I missed my flight” — Kelly Slater.

“Absolutely dreamy close outs this morning at the . Excellent displays of jet ski riding, duck diving, & paddling against the rip” — Nihilist999 @nihilist999.

“Turpel is verbal bong water”

“The ocean floor is coming up to the surface since the tide is going down” — Strider explains low tide, via Nihilist999 @nihilist999.


“Salt and Pepper back again, we’re gonna break it right down for you” — Strider (Salt) on the mic, spitting more  third person bars and celebrating the commentary team’s newfound racial diversity alongside Kaipo Guerrero (Pepper).

@stridersworld thank you for all the help seriously couldn’t have done it without you. Also thank you for lending me a board, showing me around and being a true friend.” — Kaipo Guerrero @kaipoguerrero. So cute!

“I crushed it my man.” — Strider @stridersworld.

“Salt and Pepper back again”

“Pottz likes chicken soup! That’s crazy. I’d’ve pegged him as a chowder man.” — Rory Parker, BeachGrit.

“The surfer in white’s Melling the surfer in blue’s Pupo”

Gigs: “What would you get if you combined YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all into one platform?”
Pete Mel: “Is this a joke?”
Gigs: “You twit-face!”

“That is silly right there”

“Little bit of heavy traffic here on the sandbar, we see the ski trying to make the run… Whoops! That is silly right there. That is huge… What was the ski driver thinking?” — Gigs Celliers.

Potter: “OK here’s a question: who do you think’s better in the air?”
Turpel: “Wow, that is a huge question! Toledo to John John to Dusty. They’re both absolute all-stars. That is a topic we’ll be discussing for a decade…”
No! Please don’t!

“This event has been nothing but spectacular”

“There’s a couple of times already in this heat where he’s tried to do the aerial manoeuvre. He’s just gotta go back to basics, gotta go back to dropping solid scores on two turn combos” — Martin Potter.

“Pottz is a moron. Turpel is verbal bong water. The producers have no idea how to produce. The best surfers in the world deserve better.” — Not Dane Reynolds ‏.

“R4, H3: The surfer in white’s Melling the surfer in blue’s Pupo.” Billy Wilson, Surf Europe. Come on, work it out.


“I missed my flight”

“This whole contest is like one long fucken ad for Kelly’s pool.” — Nick Carroll, BeachGrit.

“I’m doing what I gotta do to make it through the heat.  Not just kinda going free for all free surf.” — John John Florence. Happy now, WSL?

“Jack ‘Mother of Dragons’ Freestone. AKA Daenerys of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men. Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdons, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains.” — Chas Smith, BeachGrit. Game of Thrones banter, apparently.

“Mother of dragons, hopefully father of the Oi Rio Pro.” — Jack Freestone on Instagram.

“Tati West is Khaleesi. Can’t believe it took me 6 years to think of that.” — really super jr @whoissuperjr.

Credit: Hofit Lugassy / Tom Niv


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