By: Jack McCoy

Length: 105 minutes

Music: Foo Fighters, Powderfinger, Submarine, Ed Kuepper, OMC.

Description: Rereleased on DVD for 07, if you missed it on VCR, now there’re no excuses. Originally released to coincide with Occ’s now stuff of legend late 90’s comeback, the Occumentary was released just before Occ clinched his World Title (99). Seeing as he’s still on the WCT eight years on, perhaps another one might be on the cards. An unmissable bio-movie of one of surfing’s greatest ever, and perhaps oddest-looking proponents.

Highlights: Extended Occy’s Left in Sumba sequence (from Green Iguana), Bells Skins event backhand foam climbs, Country Feeling Classic at J-Bay in 84, answering Curren’s questions in a TV interview in yellow trousers in mid 80’s, the old blokes in scunnos at South Cronulla baths.

Bonus: Making of, Unfinished Business, Pipemasters 85, Occ & Donavon wharfside, Pump clip (Mundaka and Biarritz).