Directed by: Matt Goodman

Length: 50 minutes

Description: Oakley’s international band of brothers including Nathan Fletcher, Chris Ward, Adriano de Souza, Tom Whitaker, Davey Weare, Makua Rothman, Dustin Barca, Brian Conley, Shane Beschen and Royden Bryson star in a hard-hitting and original surf flick shot all over the place.

Highlights: Nathan Fletcher demonstrating the Stretch four-fin’s prowess for huge airs, De Souza’s speedy tearing, Conley’s thumping tubes in Mexico and helmet/board cam plus general ripping from Wardo, Weare and Beschen among others. The editing is nicely done and the soundtrack pretty solid too.

Soundtrack: The Clash, Devo, Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Lagwagon.