You may remember that Zoltan "the Magician" Torkos, who bills himself as a "World Record Holding Surfer Magician", won a Volcom competition worth 10k when he landed the first ever recorded kickflip on a surfboard back in 2011. It wasn't the easiest thing on the eyes, but that was never part of the criteria, and in any case, the Magician has bigger fish to fry than the pretty but nutritionally lacking fish of aesthetic beauty. Zoltan's aim is a far more laudable one: to "pursue an end to senseless violence in his community and communities at large" -- an aim he intends to achieve one kickflip at a time, with the help of his catchphrase “pull tricks, not triggers."

And, to give him his due, his trademark progressive moves are getting progressively less offensive. This kickflip here is perhaps the smoothest one to date. Find out more about Zoltan Torkos by visiting his sensational website.