The Onbongo leg of the men's World Championship Tour is being held on Itamambuca beach in Ubatuba this year, just north of São Paulo. The event will take place between 24-28th October with some fierce surf action expected.

As the final two events in Hawaii occur shortly after this one, the world's top surfers will be looking to snap up some valuable championship points, never mind the US$270,000 prize money.


  • 01: Jeremy Flores (FRA) - 11.255 points
  • 02: Michael Campbell (AUS) - 11.190 points
  • 03: Ricky Basnett (AFR) - 9.910 points
  • 04: Josh Kerr (AUS) - 9.320 points
  • 05: Dayyan Neve (AUS) - 9.314 points