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YOOOHOOOOOO!!! I won the big wave event at the weekend. Stoked beyond belief. It was a classic event, with solid swell, at a sketchy spot 'la Vaca' out to the west of Santander. I rode an 8'10" board which my friend Rory shaped back in 1995! Still stoked on it, as other guys were riding 10f-12ft boards, I guess it forced me to take off a little later and deeper.


It was great getting in the comp as its an invite only event, but to come away as best surfer is a total buzz!! We had a 4 hour final, but I got out with 45 mins to go as I was freezing. Just in time to help save a jet ski from smashing off the rocks! The whole event was held at a cow farm in Cantabria. The dangerous coastline and 4.5m swell was giving 15ft sets on the main peak about 400m out from a rocky cliff.


The event was sponsored by Quiksilver, and Red Bull was on hand with sound system vehicle and drinks! Thanks to Oscar the event organiser, Pedro, Asier, Dani, Pabo and all my new friends down there.

Charts look good for this week and head to Paris for the massive Tony Hawk event at the weekend. So we are busy this week! cheers gabe