Adrien Toyon is that guy from Reunion Isle with the long jerry curl.

He used to surf with it tied up in a bun, but recently decided photos looked better with it flowing and looking fast and radder. Much radder.

Adrien got in touch with SE from Scotland, a place he loves. He said "I got le train from Edimbourg, (Edimbourg is french for Edinburgh)... one or two girls on there but not many. I saw a couple in Inverness. Then I got to Thurso but it was high tide, so I ate some Jamaican chicken..."

Scotland has a bit of reputation for... mingers. At least some people say so. But that's just not fair, or true. There are loads of beautiful she-jocks. Braveheart's wife (before the evil English bastards killed her) was beautiful. Charlene from Texas, Carol Smillie, er... Jimmy Krankie...?

Stay tuned for more from our roving reporters...


He likes womans, gambling, hair, tabouleh, gold chains, and Scotland... Who doesn't??!!???