In what was suppose to herald the ASP and Zosea's new world order, three days ago the ASP the unveiled its Power Rankings written by professional surf snark Lewis Samuels. Samuels used to write previously on his own site, his biting analysis and cutting humour on the surfers winning fans, all be it not from the pro surfers themselves. As such the ASP's decision to unveil Samuels as one of their first contributors was refreshing, and slightly punchy to say the least. The copy was similar to the, with Samuels not holding back on surfers like Dion Atkinson and Wilko especially copping a verbal lashing.

"It's an opinion piece,"  Samuels said of the new role, "and that means my opinions don't necessarily reflect the opinions of ASP. If they wanted more advertorial press releases, I don't think they would have brought me in."


It seems though it was a tad to refreshing, the post has since been removed, with no explanation by the ASP or Samuels.


As such it seems the experiment has failed, and the word was that  it was the surfers themselves that were the biggest complainers. We will try to get the inside word on just want went wrong.