The VQS surf tour once again kicked off for another year, with its first European leg taking place last weekend with the Rumblefish surf series down at the beautiful Praia Amado in Portugal.

This year's VQS tour will consist of 7 separate (no points system or ranking) surf contests in areas such as the Canaries, England, France, Spain, and Portugal, with the tour culminating in May with the European VQS Championships in Hossegor. All finalists and best Squids qualify for the final.

Each event still has 5 divisions: Squids (10 and under), Groms (13 and under), Juniors (16 and under), Men’s Pro-Am (20 and under), and Girls (20 and under), age is based off August 1st 2013.

There will be cash prizes for the Pro-Am winner and Junior winner at selected events, and an Air division (all ages) will run at some locations depending on the conditions. See below for dates and locations!


Tom Cloarec Euro VQS Champion 2013 got barreled in Fiji.

European VQS surf tour 13-14 dates

31 August 2013, RUMBLEFISH surf series, Praia do Amado, Portugal

14-15 September 2013, RUMBLEFISH surf series, Matosinhos, Portugal

19-20 October 2013, MULLETFISH surf series, Hossegor, France

15-16 March 2014, LAVAFISH surf series, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

TBA 2014, KARRAMARROFISH surf series, Biarritz, France

TBA 2014, SIDFISH surf series, Porthtowan, UK

TBA 2014, KARRAMARROFISH surf series, Zarautz, Basque country


All dates are subject to change; go to www.volcomeurope.com/site/vqs/ for details and updates, past events videos, photos and results.