What Is The Dark Bar World Tour?

It is drinking den of low repute, generally dark and not particularly clean. An establishment where you can anticipate a stiff drink on every pour and only a small number of your close friends will be able to fit inside. It is the place you want to hang out and get a nice buzz away from the scene and have your friends at Volcom pick up the tab while you keep putting them down.

Also during the course of the World Tour and at each Dark Bar we will be collecting donations for local charities. Be it through old clothes, spare cans of food or cash donations we will make sure to leave a positive mark on each local scene. Hope to see you at the Dark Bar in Hossegor !!

You and your friends are invited to:

Dark Bar Café at « Café de Paris », Hossegor

Thursday, July 24th

547 AV Touring Club

40150 Hossegor

Starts at 22h

Theme: “Captain Jack and Seadog"

Free Drinks and Dark Bar Giveaways