Photo: WSL

Last year's world no. 2 Tyler Wright got into a spot of bother in her heat at this year's Australian Boardrider's Battle, twice getting washed over the rocks and into the ocean pool - but in addition to battering her body, she may also have broken a record.

The website of the World Surf League itself has led with the headline: "INJURY UPDATE: WRIGHT WASHED OVER ROCKS AT SNAPPER". This was quite some effort from Wright, who started the wave at Alley Reef in Cronulla, Sydney, where the Boardriders Battle is held. The rocks at Snapper are approximately 850km away; even more incredibly, the wave in question was a left. Whether she got back in time for the rest of her heat is not mentioned.

Photo: ASP

Tyler wright on her way to hospital

Shurely shome mishtake?!

A confused WSL reports that Wright was washed over the rocks, through the chain fence and into the ocean pool, which must be a new addition to Queensland's most famous pointbreak. She then jumped from the pool wall back into the surf, only to be washed again into the pool and put through the ordeal a second time. She was subsequently taken to hospital as a precaution, but does not appear to have suffered any major injuries.

Tyler was surfing for Culburra Boardriders. Her brother Owen Wright, last year's no. 12 in the men's rankings, was on hand to offer her his support. Tyler showed what a courageous competitor she can be at the Women's Invitational at Pipe at the end of last year, where she repeatedly threw herself over the ledge without hesitation, notching up several excellent rides but subjecting herself to a number of tasty wipeouts in the process.

Photo: WSL

NOTE: The WSL has since corrected its mistake